escuela de arte de merida incoming students 2014 2015

Martyna Kowacka, Izabela Nieradlka

From: Pedagogical University of Cracow

Incoming Students of Diseño Gráfico

Septiembre 2014 - Febrero 2015

It was half a year of non-stop adventure - We think, that this term suits it the best.

At the beginning we were petrified - do we really have to study something different from our course in Poland? And it is so hard to find someone who speaks English quite fluently... It seemed so impossible to work out, however reality turned out to be so different from what we expected it to be. Of course it was hard to start - we weren't sure what we were doing, we had to adjust to local rules and University's principles.



There were moments that we were even thinking about coming back home, but in retrospect it was an uncommon and terrific time of our life - something so diverse, something we wouldn't have experienced in Poland. Not only had we developed our social and communicative skills a lot during this exchange, but also we have seen new posibilities and other sides of graphic designing.
Subjects which we studied during this six months varied from the ones we had studied at home, but they taught us a lot and we are sure to use this knowledge in our later works. It surely wasn't a waste of time!
Apart from studying during this term, we also travelled a lot, experienced a foreign culture, met new people and broadened our horizons.
Erasmus is a new list of possibilities. Erasmus is a study of something so different and so new. Erasmus is an adventure.
During our visit we had an oppotunity to attend 7 different classes. All of them were completely new for us, because we hadn't had them in Poland. We learned how to project magazines at PROYECTOS II and create corporate identification at DAO II. We tried out our abilities at TALLER DE IMPRESIÓN. On English we were provided with professional vocabulary in designing. We also learned how to use 3D programmes at VOLUMEN Y ESPACIO and how create graphical presentations at INFOGRAFIA. At TIPOGRAFIA Y MAQUETACION course we were tought, how to create different types of fonts.




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